Boys required equipment.

Stick. Most sticks come in the same length 40-42 inches for attackman and Middies. Long sticks are only for defensemen and Long Stick Middies.

Gloves. Look for gloves that cover well beyond the wrist. Hockey gloves are not recommended, as they are typically too stiff.

Helmet. Must be NOCSAE Certified. Cascade helmets are recommended. They are much more comfortable and many styles grow with the player.

Shoulder pads. Look for pads that are adjustable and easy to put on and take off. A center breast protector is recommended.

Arm pads. Look for pads that are adjustable and provide total coverage when combined with the shoulder pads and gloves. Flexibility is also important.

Mouth piece. Brightly colored and preferably attached to the helmet.

Cleats. Rubber soled, soccer style or football style cleats. No metal spikes.

Protective cup. Part of their required equipment.

Optional equipment.

Rib pads. Recommended and particularly appropriate for attackmen and middies who work between defenders.

Underlayer. Thin layer of protection under pads - t-shirt, underarmor, etc.

Try the locations below for equipment. Play it Again often has some good used equipment too.